Baby Brody!

Ladies and gentlemen, today I have the distinct pleasure of introducing you to baby Brody, who's officially made his posing debut!




I think we can all agree: His cute well timed smiles should earn him a spot on the cover of every baby magazine in the nation! Seriously, I'm practically melting from cuteness overload!


Anyway, as you can see from the pictures below, Brody and I had one of the best sessions together. His mom, Lesley, gave him a nice bath and a full tummy before I arrived. Her preparation efforts allowed us to have an especially awesome shoot together.


Brody slept most of the way through the 4 hour session. And when he wasn't sleeping, Brody was a little wriggler.  But he really couldn’t have been any better.

Hope you all enjoy the handsome Brody's pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!